CASEMATIX 13FT USB C Cable Compatible with Oculus Quest Link and Oculus Quest 2 Link - USB 3.2 Type-C High-Speed Data and Charging Compatible Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable with Included USB-A Adapter

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  • ğŸŽ® COMPATIBLE OCULUS QUEST 1 & 2 LINK CABLE - This high-speed link connects your VR headset to a gaming PC so you can run games and applications that require an Oculus Quest cable connection.
  • ğŸŽ® 13 FOOT LENGTH - Don't settle for a restrictive 10 foot cable, the CASEMATIX Oculus Link Headset Cable is over 13 feet in length and features durable, flexible sheathing for comfortable tethered gaming while linked or charging.
  • ğŸŽ® PREMIUM SPECIFICATIONS - You need a cable that can keep up, and this cable's high-speed power and data supports up to 100-watts of power, up to 10Gbps data transfer, and is compatible with power sources up to 20V/5A.
  • ğŸŽ® COMFORT-ANGLED PLUG END - Game in comfort with this cable's conveniently-angled plug head, which routes the link cable 90 degrees and down so it hangs naturally and reduces strain on the headset's port, instead of out and away from the headset.
  • ğŸŽ® INCLUDES TYPE-C TO USB-A ADAPTER - This cable has been tested for compatibility with Oculus Quest Link and USB 3.2 Type-C ports. We've included a USB-A adapter if your PC doesn't have a USB-C port. Compatible with Quest 1 and Quest 2 headsets.

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