CASEMATIX Stainless Steel Pocket Spittoon 5-Ounce Travel Spit Cup with Cleaning Brush Included - Portable Dip Spit Bottle with Camo Design

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  • Ditch The Water Bottle: This reusable spittoon eliminates the need for dirty bottles and cups, while the non-transparent design and green styling means you (and the family) won't even have to look at your spit anymore!
  • Stainless Steel Won't Crack or Break: Unlike cheap plastic spittoons, this durable spitter features double-walled stainless steel that won't crack or shatter. You can toss it in your pocket, pack or luggage without worry!
  • Wide Mouth Design: This travel spittoon features a 1.5" wide-mouth design that makes it a breeze to spit into, to dump the contents of, and clean. Forget the hassle of funnels that don't drain, these spit cups for dip are easy to use.
  • Leak and Odor-Proof Seal: The underside of the spittoon's lid features a silicone ring that creates a leak-proof and odor proof seal when fastened. After spitting, screw the cap tightly and rest assured the contents will stay in the spittoon.
  • Compact, Travel-Ready Design: This portable spittoon measures only 5.75" tall by 1.75" in diameter but features a surprisingly large 5 ounce capacity. The convenient sizing allows you to easily store the container in a bag or pocket.