CASEMATIX Travel Case Compatible with Cool Maker Go Glam Unique Nail Salon and Nail Kit Set Accessories – Includes Carry Case Only with Shoulder Strap

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CASEMATIX Travel Case Compatible with Cool Maker Unique Go Glam Nail Stamper and Fashion Accessories with Shoulder Strap and Padded Divider, Case Only
This CASEMATIX travel case for nail stamper styling tools and accessories combines the protection of an ultra-durable hard shell EVA exterior with a protective non-scratch interior lining and padded interior divider. We understand your nail stamper studio and accessories are important, so don't let them bounce around unprotected in a bag or purse - invest in CASEMATIX protection!

Hard Shell Impact-Resistant Outer
You'll feel more comfortable than ever traveling with or storing your nail accessories when they're housed inside of a CASEMATIX hard shell case. Our outer shell is constructed from rugged EVA and features discreet gray styling with blue zipper trim. Gone are the days of your nail decoration toys bouncing around inside of your bag or purse! The CASEMATIX nail accessory case holds your fashion nail studio and accessories securely within a hard shell case for maximum protection and internal dimensions of 7" x 4.5" x 3".

Compact and Convenient Sizing
Nobody likes a clunky, oversized case - the CASEMATIX travel case for nail kits will perfectly accommodate your nail accessories and offer protection within the sleek, attractive form-factor. The exterior measures 8" x 6" x 4" and has a built carry handle and adjustable and removable shoulder strap for comfortable travel convenience. Store nail files and other refill accessories in the case's netted accessory pouch. The main compartment stores your nail devices.

Double-Stitched Reinforced Zippers
Our CASEMATIX travel case for nail studio accessories has been constructed with rugged, double-stitched zippers so it won't fail you or your nail accessories. The CASEMATIX carry case compatible with U-nique Go Glam Nail Salon wont fail you or your craft supplies and always provide protection.

  • CASEMATIX Protective Travel Case: This ultra-durable travel case features a gray hard shell exterior, a gel-padded interior divider and zippered accessory pouch to protect your nail polish stamper, refills and accessories with a blue zipper lining
  • Padded Interior and Soft Lining: The main compartment and case interior have been designed with premium non-scratch fabrics to keep your nail stamper and accessories looking pristine and scratch-free!
  • Large Internal Compartment: A netted accessory pouch on the underside of the lid is perfect for storing gel nail polish refills and other nail stamp kit accessories. The main nail polish storage compartment securely stores design pods and more
  • Ideal for Traveling with Your Nail Stamper: This carrying case compatible with the Go Glam U-nique Nail salon measures only 9.5" x 8" x 4", includes a comfortable rubber carrying handle and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Includes Case Only: The CASEMATIX fun travel case for glam tools is the perfect carrier to protect and store the nail stamping kit and keeps everything organized in one place. Does not include toys and is not associated with the manufacturer