CASEMATIX Waterproof Case Compatible with FLIR C5 C2 C3 Thermal Imager, Seek Shot pro, PerfectPrime Infrared Camera with Rugged Exterior

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  • 🔨 CRUSHPROOF HARD SHELL OUTER - This CASEMATIX protective waterproof travel case fits the FLIR C5 pocket thermal camera, and is also a FLIR C2 and FLIR C3 Thermal Camera Imager case. Also fits Seek Thermal Reveal Shotpro, PerfectPrime IR0006.
  • 🔨 PROTECTIVE FOAM INTERIOR - This travel case's interior features a convoluted foam top and dense foam bottom layer to absorb impacts and shock from bumps and drops, offering protection for your handheld thermal imaging camera and sensor.
  • 🔨 WATERPROOF, AIRTIGHT CONSTRUCTION - An innovative waterproof rubber liner forms an airtight seal when the case is closed to repel water, moisture, dust and grime and keep it away from your compact thermal imaging camera.
  • 🔨 COMPACT SIZING, SPACIOUS INTERIOR - The interior of this case measures 5.25" x 3.5" x 1.25", offering more than enough room for your FLIR Thermal Imager. External dimensions measure 6.5" x 5" x 2" for convenient travel and transport.
  • 🔨 ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR YOUR IMAGER - Your thermal imager wasn't cheap, so invest in rugged CASEMATIX protection to protect your equipment. This case's shell is crushproof and impact-resistant, with dense interior foam waterproof technology.