CASEMATIX Clipper Blade Holder For 20 Blades, Hair Clipper Guard Case For Barbers or Stylist Compatible with Andis, Oster, Wahl, Babyliss Metal Guards

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  • 20 Slot Clipper Blade Case: This clipper guards holder features custom-cut, shock-absorbing foam that holds up to 20 standard-sized clipper blades. Internal compartment features a padded divider to ensure your blades stay sharp and protected.
  • Impact Resistant Protective Exterior: Safely store up to 20 professional detachable metal clipper blades and hair cutting accessories in this durable travel case. Protective clipper case and blade storage keeps your valuable metal blades organized
  • Transport, Organize and Everyday Storage: Barber blade holder exterior measures 9.0" x 6.5" x 2.75" to fit in most clipper bags, barber cases or backpacks when traveling. Features dual heavy duty zippers for convenient and secure access
  • Padded Divider and Zippered Lid: Keep your valuable hair trimming blades snugly held in place and organizedwith the padded middle divider. Hair clipper accessories like clipper oil and small brushes can be stored above. Blade holder is removable
  • Universal 20 Slot Clipper Guard Holder: The dense padded foam slots fit magnetic guards, detachable clipper blades, grooming blades and buzzer blades while offering premium protection from impacts and damage. Each blade slot measures 2" x 1.5" x .25"

CASEMATIX Clipper Blade Holder for 20 Blades -Protective Blade Case with Custom Barber Blade Holder Foam Interior and Hard Shell Impact-Resistant Outer, Case Only

Hard Shell Protection

Protect and travel with up to 20 clipper blades in this rugged, impact-resistant hard shell case for blade travel case. The durable construction protects blades from being crushed or bent during travel or while in storage.

Custom Foam Interior for 20 Blades

This blade case grooming organizer features custom-cut, shock-absorbing foam that holds up to 20 standard-sized clipper blades. Rugged hard shell exterior prevents your valuable blades from being crushed. Soft padded internal foam features 20 slots to keep blades sharp and protected from damage, dirt and dust.

Ideal for Clippers, Buzzers, Barbers and Stylist Blades

The universal 20 slot design holds a variety of detachable blades. The compact design measures only 9.0" x 6.5" x 2.75" so it can be kept in a barber bag, backpacks, in your barber station and is discreet.